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Viewing Actuate Files

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This is inspired by my trawling of the referring ‘search terms’ part of my stats program for this site.

Unless you are a developer, attempting to view an Actuate file is probably a waste of effort.  What you want to focus on rather is the output on the web.  Here is a run down from first to last…

RODs are design files that are only openable using Actuate’s IDE.  ROLs, libraries, are the same deal.

The IDE produces a BAS file from the ROD when compiling.  It’s not clear to me if this is a requirement of the compile or a bonus for developers.  In either case its a text file easily viewable in anything that displays text.  You cannot compile this file, but you can painfully reconstitute a ROD using it.

ROXs are generated by compiling a ROD and are placed on the server for execution.  They are not viewable.

ROIs are the result of the execution of a ROX (and some other less important files).  In the old days we viewed these files directly in the web browser with a plug-in for te browser.  These days Actuate has some bit of code ont he server that translates these into DHTML.

So, if you are a user, you are most likely going to view these on the web.  Depending on your acess you will have options to download as text, PDF, or spreadsheet.

If you are a developer, it’s a weird search to be doing.  Stop it!


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20070124 at 12:43 pm

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