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Do Not Do This in Nine

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debug watch list

For whatever reason I’ve just spent the last 2 hours trying to type the name of my variable into the Value box noted above. Doing so crashes the crap out of Actuate.

Also, it makes you want to beat your head on your desk for the crash and for the part where you can’t figure out why you’re not using the Name box.

As my Mom might say, “Fiddlesticks!”


Written by Douglas

20090108 at 09:57 am

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  1. I’ve spent the last month learning Jasper, and I can officially now declare Actuate garbage. Not only is their licensing the most draconian I’ve ever seen, and is intended to snare the end user to make a million dollar oversight, their VB’ish designer on 8 is clumsy, and full of bugs.

    I haven’t used the eclipse desginer, so it might be better, but in my limited experience Jasper is a better product than Birt, and can cost millions of dollars less a year to license.

    David Carroll

    20090601 at 13:34 pm

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