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Learning Actuate Reporting for Maximo

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Continuing from my recent announcement that I was coming up to speed on eSpreadsheets, I’ve also been poking around free BIRT and now, today, I am headed out to LA to get some formal training on how to write Actuate reports for Maximo.

I really really really hope that the focus is on Maximo and not Actuate.  I’ve heard that most folks that know Maximo don’t really know Actuate.  I guess that generally the OTB reports get tweaked but not significantly modified.  Maybe very few new reports get created.  For all I know this is because no new ones are needed.  I look forward to ending the guesswork this week.


Written by Douglas

20080324 at 07:11 am

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  1. So how was it?
    Maximo seems very popular at the moment judging by the Actuate list on IT Toolbox. Never used it myself though.


    20080528 at 07:31 am

  2. @paul Excellent timing! I’m just now able to delve back into what I learned back in March and will be posting greater detail soon.

    The short version is that there are only minor modifications made to the reporting to OEM it into Maximo. As you might imagine the structure of the database is the more critical concern for developing reports. Conveniently, Maximo makes it pretty easy to uncover that structure.

    I think a skilled Actuate developer with no Maximo experience could come up to speed much faster than a skilled Maximo developer with no Actuate experience–but I’m only one of those people.


    20080528 at 09:07 am

  3. Well I’ll be interested to read your next update. I keep seeing stuff about Maximo but know nothing about it.

    As far as I’ve been told it doesn’t use the server as a repository; instead just generating transient or short lived reports(?)


    20080603 at 10:11 am

  4. @paul Thanks for hanging in there a little longer for details.

    The (near as I can tell) out of the box installation of Maximo does use the repository to store reports. These ROIs are made available from the Reports > View Report tab.

    According to the default archive policy on ROIs, they’re axed at 5 days old.

    Saved Query Definitions seem to require ‘registration’ (more on this later) in order to appear in the Queries > View Query listing. Which from a user’s POV means getting help from a dev.


    20080603 at 14:09 pm

  5. Even I’ve read more of mentioning of Actuate w/Maximo on ITToolbox.
    how was your experience working with Maximo?
    Is it easy to learn Maximo for someone like me who has 5 yrs of Actuate development ?
    how hard is it to install, configure, design, deploy and debug?
    Waiting for your inputs.



    20081113 at 12:54 pm

  6. Hi Douglas,

    I thought you would be interested in the Maximo/BIRT webinar coming up on Monday, November 24th. Details are below.

    Migrating to New Maximo v7 BIRT Reporting with Actuate
    Monday, November 24th, 11:00 EST

    You will also find a couple of new areas dedicated to Maximo on BIRT Exchange.

    Virgil Dodson

    20081120 at 07:25 am

  7. @virgil – thanks for the heads up. Lately I’ve felt like a gravedigger with endless work to do. Only occasionally does my head pop up for me to see the world around.


    20081120 at 07:37 am

  8. […] Actuate and IBM Maximo Webinar 20 11 2008 A reader reminded me of an upcoming Actuate and Maximo Webinar that I thought I would elevate from the comments to a […]

  9. Upcoming Maximo webinar

    Akimza Gunn

    20091013 at 17:22 pm

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