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Learning About eSpreadsheets Finally

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Just thought I would toss this title out there as a buoy for anyone hoping I’d write about something other than the core Actuate IDE: eRDPro.


I’ve not had cause (or time) to come up to speed with the eSpreadsheet tool despite having been mildly aware of it’s existence all the way back to when it was Formula One’s.

From what I can tell this is fine since version 9 takes a firm grip of the design metaphor and steers it in a solidly ‘drag and drop you moron’ sort of way from what I can tell.  I am definitely a moron regarding these things and look forward to delving into the ports that challenge my moronityness.

Anything you’d like to know?


Written by Douglas

20080225 at 10:33 am

6 Responses

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  1. i’ve never had the luxury of formal training so i’ve had to rely on the maximo-actuate manuals. Using the RAD manual i’ve been successful at creating and deploying erdPro reports to Maximo. However, the manual seems a bit light concerning the actual use of espreadsheets within maximo. i’ve created and published a simple vtf file to the Acuate server, added it to maximo throught the Report Administrator, but when I try to run the report nothing happens (select the report, click submit, focus returns to the request page). any insight or documents that actually describe how to use espreadsheet within maximo?


    20080530 at 07:14 am

  2. @dan I assume you refer to chapter 4 of the Report Administrator and Development Guide.

    Mine’s for 6.2.1 and as yet unread or practiced. Hopefully I’ll know more soon.

    My recent self-education’s been truncated by deliverables. But I’m catching back up again.


    20080603 at 14:14 pm

  3. Hi, just been reading through some of the hreads on e-spreeadsheets, we are using maximo 6.2.2. We have published several e-spredsheets in Actuate and they all run successfully. We can also schedule these to run which works but if we schedule to email or just try email straight away from Maximo they do not get sent. Other reports run fine and we can email those ok.

    Just wondered if anyone had seen a similar issue or in fact knew yo can email e-spredsheets from within Maximo?

    Best regards,


    Joe Goodwin

    20081013 at 05:43 am

  4. @joe Unfortunately my enthusiastic learning of eSpreadsheets and Maximo took a turn away from more advanced topics soon after these posts. So I couldn’t say.

    I do have a friend that may be able to address that sort of question, but he’s on holiday for a few more days. I’ll forward your comment to him.


    20081013 at 07:55 am

  5. @joe The first answer I got back was that potentially the size of the XLS files exceed the limit for email attachment size. Hope that helps.


    20081014 at 08:30 am

  6. Douglas – any idea where I might get a pdf of that Report Administrator and Development Guide v 6.2.1?


    20090423 at 11:09 am

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