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Viewing Actuate Files

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This is inspired by my trawling of the referring ‘search terms’ part of my stats program for this site.

Unless you are a developer, attempting to view an Actuate file is probably a waste of effort.  What you want to focus on rather is the output on the web.  Here is a run down from first to last…

RODs are design files that are only openable using Actuate’s IDE.  ROLs, libraries, are the same deal.

The IDE produces a BAS file from the ROD when compiling.  It’s not clear to me if this is a requirement of the compile or a bonus for developers.  In either case its a text file easily viewable in anything that displays text.  You cannot compile this file, but you can painfully reconstitute a ROD using it.

ROXs are generated by compiling a ROD and are placed on the server for execution.  They are not viewable.

ROIs are the result of the execution of a ROX (and some other less important files).  In the old days we viewed these files directly in the web browser with a plug-in for te browser.  These days Actuate has some bit of code ont he server that translates these into DHTML.

So, if you are a user, you are most likely going to view these on the web.  Depending on your acess you will have options to download as text, PDF, or spreadsheet.

If you are a developer, it’s a weird search to be doing.  Stop it!


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20070124 at 12:43 pm

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  1. Hi ,

    Could you please tell me how to access sibling component property from a parent component.

    For example, how to access a Database Field Control property which has been placed inside a Frame Control?

    Frame.CityControl.Font.Bold = true

    is it possible?


    20070523 at 03:00 am

  2. @nitinpai,

    Rather than make assumptions about what you’re asking, let me ask a question of you. If I have time later I’ll try to to answer my assumption.

    Do you mean that there are multiple text controls in a frame and you want for one control to find out the property of another control within that same frame?


    There are multiple text controls in a frame and you want for the frame to find out the value of a property of one of those controls it contains?


    20070524 at 11:31 am

  3. Obviously, someone needs to use F1 more often…


    20070530 at 19:40 pm

  4. Potentially.
    But there are those of us that loath using the help tool to find anything out. Two of my reasons:
    On a regular basis most of the tools I work with are self-explanitory. The icons, the naming conventions, and the general use of the tool and the users goals are obvious. PhotoShop, Word, and Excel to name a few. Why shouldn’t Actuate be?
    In my experience the bulk of Actuate programmers are not in fact programmers. The past trainings I have done were heavily populated by folks that just happened to be around the office when the training was scheduled, not CompSci majors looking to enhance their resumes.
    Also, Actuate’s Help sucks ass. Search a key word and it pops up a dialogue box asking if you want to read X, X, X, or X. Huh? Don’t ask me to choose between four of the same thing. So you diligently pick each of the four: half-assed definition in a chart, obscure reference in a different topic, unfindable in context, and what you were hoping for–sorta. And that’s what you get if you are lucky enough to guess the best key word in the first place.
    When you get example code it is never on target. Maybe it is for you, but it’s never been much more than a step above worthless for me.
    Here you can ask questions or answer them.


    20070531 at 06:02 am

  5. Hello,
    I’d like to import report formats into Actuate – any chance?
    Can a .bas file be converted into a .rod file or complied into a .rox?
    I don’t want to do 600 reports manually!


    20070714 at 20:46 pm

  6. @DaveL – Think job security. I am not sure what tool produced the BAS files you are hoping to turn into RODs, but for Actuate the primary file is the ROD. You have to have that to have anything else.

    BAS files are just reference files the compiler creates on its way from ROD to ROX.

    If the BAS files are from RODs and you have some how lost those RODs, then you can open those babies up and start scanning the code for ‘instructions’ to reconstitute the RODs manually. Controls that have only had the properties altered will have each property and value paired up. Methods that have been overwritten start with:

    ‘ User-defined methods



    20070715 at 12:15 pm

  7. Why the bas files… That is what is used to compile the report. The ide takes any rod or rol included in your main rod. Yes you can include a rod inside of a rod (wierd… at least you used to be able to…) and builds the rpt.bas. This bas is then used along with any of your other included bas files to produce (if it compiles without error…) the rox or dox…

    It is a bonus though that it leaves the file out on your disk.


    20071124 at 21:35 pm

  8. what is difference between actate6.0/7.0/8.0…I need exact difference between these versions…I hope i will get answer from you

    K reddy

    k reddy

    20080219 at 15:11 pm

  9. @k The difference between the file types, the IDE, or the server app?


    20080219 at 15:55 pm

  10. difference between filetypes and IDE
    one more thing is when in interview they ask the differnce how to answer that question

    k reddy

    20080220 at 10:10 am

  11. @k I hope this helps some:

    It’s probably not as accurate or precise as you are looking for, but it’s what I had readily availble.


    20080220 at 11:55 am

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