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Two Controls in Two Minutes in 200 Inches

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If you hadn’t already noticed, you’ll start figuring out that my head has been in the SQL of late and not in the Actuate. As I tell my co-workers, Actuate is just around to make the database look pretty for the suits.

I don’t think I had ever cared to notice, but the display width limitation of Actuate is 200 inches. Meaning you can’t make a frame wider than that. Half of you just wondered why you’d ever want to and the other half just wondered why there is a limit at all since what’s another few inches on the web. My replies: a report developer would never want to, but the afore mentioned suits want things we can rarely imagine; pretty sure 200 isn’t the limit if there is one.

This fun report of mine has 150 controls and 150 labels.

Since the sizing of reports falls to me alot of the time, I was wondering how long it would take me to create a label/control pair in the open field. I was able to create 24 pairs in 48 minutes. So 1 control / minute.

Can anyone recommend a good wrist brace?


Written by Douglas

20061023 at 18:52 pm

Posted in Actuate, Best Practices

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