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ICDSoft Increases Features for Free

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web hosting by icdsoftI should probably space out these off-topic posts a bit more–especially given that they are both commercial in nature.  But I have a hard time containing myself when I get free stuff and I just want to share with others.

My preferred host for my  web sites has increased both my storage and my bandwidth – again.  Now, for my meager $6/month I get 1000 MB of space and 20 GB/month of traffic.  This is up a second time from my original 333 and 750 respectively.  This is no cut rate, bare-bones features host either.  I get unlimited email accounts, subdomains, parking, PERL, PHP4, PHP5, Python, Ruby (on Rails) and TCL, mySQL DBs, and solid responsive customer support.

Their customer support uses an online ticket creation system and I have never made a request that wasn’t acknowledged within moments.  Most times those responses were the answer I was looking for the first time.  Occasionally they were questions to clarify my first email.  Twice they had to hand me off to some other entity.  Never was it a ‘bot.  I have never had to report a problem, just ask newbie questions or advanced environment requests.

If you are looking for a solid reliable hosting service for your future website or even to transfer existing ones (they have an FTP transfer tool) then you ought to check out ICDSoft.

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